French Coast Stamina 3 endurance competition this weekend!

French Coast Stamina is Europe's own version of East Coast Stamina and follows the same format: On one day each player plays a Raw Output session of about one hour where they play the hardest songs they can to accumulate score, and on another day a marathon where the goal is simply to survive as long as possible.

ECS7 qualifiers were also used to determine qualifying for FCS3. One of the 12 quota players from France cancelled, leaving five spots for Europeans from outside France. The Finnish scene showed its strength by snatching three of these spots: Participating are the multiple European Champion and ECS participant Markus "hippaheikki" Kokkonen, and also Tuukka "Tuuc" Juvonen and Santeri "ZoG-" Anttila! Russia is represented by Ekaterina "Sereni" Ageeva. British Robert "MaxxStorm" Okin also decided not to participate, leaving only four non-French players.