Git Guddista :D precision season for newbies begins!

Are you still a new or a relatively new player? Are you interested in competitive play but have little or no touch on the actual songs and difficulties in tournaments these days? Then Git Guddista :D timing season is your answer!

Git Guddista :D offers songs from difficulties ranging from 6 to 9 and the season is played exactly as the recently finished Grindistä :D :D timing season. Participants have until about the end of January 2020 to play scores to songs in the Git Guddista :D songpack. For every score to a song in the pack the player will receive points according to the achieved score. All the charts are handpicked to provide a staightforward route to harder content and higher difficulties.

The Git Guddista :D season is open and free for everyone. All you need to participate is a dance pad, Stepmania 5 and the Simply Love theme. If there are enough players that are really getting better throughout the season there might be actual prizes too!

Interested? More info from here.

Questions? @ZoG- in the Finnish Dancegamer Discord will answer your questions