Suomen Tanssipelaajat ry

Suomen Tanssipelaajat ry was founded in the summer of 2006. Its goal is to form a base for organized action of Finnish dance gamers and to advance the state of the sport as a form of dancing, gaming and sport in Finland. The association cooperates with several groups to provide both active and occasional players more opportunities to play dance games in Finland. These opportunities come in the form of arcade machines and home setups along with promotions, events and competitions.

Suomen Tanssipelaajat ry is a member of the Finnish Esports Federation.

More information about dance games can be found on our subreddit or the Discord server. If you are interested in having dance games as a part of an event you're organizing, you can contact the contact person of the association.


Suomen Tanssipelaajat ry advances the state of dance games in several ways. At the moment the association's activities are:

  • Organizing events and competitions for dance gamers. Annually there are several large events for getting to know each other and socializing, and competitions happen at least every month.
  • Various cooperation projects with other organizations. At the moment cooperation is done with the Finnish Esports Federation, and ASSEMBLY Organizing, among others. The goal of these projects is to bring dance games broader publicity and spread them to schools and youth houses.
  • Supporting local dance gaming organizations and communities.
  • Maintaining the
  • Supporting dance gamers in various ways, such as supporting the community via the official site and events.
  • Offering various membership bonuses.

Promotion, competitions, renting of equipment

The association can rent equipment or run a dance gaming booth or competition at events for a reasonable price. The price is estimated for each event and situation.

Contact details

Esa Laitinen
Email: esa.laitinen (ät)
Phone: 0405731053


Joining the association is easy and free. Follow this and join now!


Board in 2018

Chair: Esa Laitinen
Vice chair: Juha Manninen
Secretary: Meo Ekroos
Treasurer: Markus Kokkonen
Other board members: Maria Järvinen, Renne Brandt

Members in 2018

Performance auditer: Jari Saukkonen
Vice performance auditer:

Other duties

Contact person: Esa Laitinen
Email: pj (ät)
Phone: 0405731053

Classification system maintainance: Jouni Manninen, Juha Manninen, Jari Vilkki. maintainance: Jari Saukkonen, Jari Vilkki.


You can find the rules of the association here.