Discord is a gamer-oriented real time chat service that supports text, speech and video. It works on both PC and mobile devices.

Over the last couple of years many gaming communities have adopted Discord as their main communications channel, and the fastest way to hear about the latest achievements, projects and events in the dance game world is the Finnish dance gamers' Discord server. The server has several channels from general conversation to making reservations for arcade sessions and talking about other rhythm games. While most conversation happens in Finnish, there is a dedicated international channel and most Finnish players are integrated into the global community.

Join the Finnish dance gamers' Discord server here.

McKylä Superarcade + open house

McKylä Superarcade is a player-run dancing space in Espoo featuring three In The Groove arcade cabinets. Every other Thursday McKylä Superarcade has an open house evening for anyone to drop in and play - you can check out when these open house evenings are in the list of upcoming events on the front page.

More info on McKylä Superarcade you can find on the arcade's own website.

Dance gamer's own subreddit

Reddit is the new forum as the old one was retired with the old website. If you have questions, want to discuss dance games or you want share your scores AND you fancy the slower pace of forums instead of what Discord's chat offers, Reddit is the right place for you.

You can find your way to the subreddit from here.